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After hundreds of hours of planning, meetings with designers and time spent creating the vision of our new dental office, I needed an experienced professional company that could execute on our plan and accurately fulfill the design.

Andrew Macdonnell, D.M.D., M.Sc., B.Sc.

Excellent experience working with the Chriscan crew. Their expertise and attention to detail was appreciated throughout the building process. I would highly recommend.

Dr. Peter Stefanuto, Apex Surgical Centre for Oral and Facial Surgery

I would take this opportunity to thank Paul and his crew at Chriscan Construction for planning and arranging the renovation of my Orthodontic Practice. Our situation was challenging because we had to stay open for appointments during the entire project. By organizing our renovation into three separate phases and only closing a portion of our office during each phase we were able to remain open and continue treatment for our patients. The planning and communication was fantastic. I think the entire crew was respectful of our situation and also to the other tenants in our building. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of our renovation. The attention to detail and the dedication to quality is apparent with every member of this team.

Dr. Bill Mulgrew, Okanagan Orthodontics

We were referred by other dental friends who highly recommended Chriscan based on their building excellence, adherence to deadlines, and responsiveness to requests throughout the building process. Invariably, with any larger build, such as a clinic, there are challenges and hiccups along the way. The team at Chriscan was always there promptly to answer questions, make adjustments as necessary, liaise with our design team and ensure that the transformation from blueprint to space was articulated as specified.

Dr. Daniel J. Kim, Mission Creek Dental

From the first day I met Len and Paul from Chriscan, I was very impressed. They were extremely professional and organized, and immediately gave me a sense of calmness, which was quite a relief since I had very little experience (actually none) with building a new office. All of the stress that had built up during the design phase miraculously disappeared.
I would strongly recommend Chriscan since they provided me with everything I was looking and hoping for in a construction company: they were professional, on time, on budget, and displayed exceptional workmanship.

Dr. Derek Pollard, BSc, DMD, MSc, Mission Creek Orthodontics

I am offering my personal recommendation to Chriscan Construction. They recently did a fantastic job in the building of my new dental office; I can’t thank them enough. I am delighted with every aspect and I have not a single complaint.
After recently building a house, I was anticipating that the construction of a dental office was going to be a challenging affair. I am very glad to say that Chriscan Construction finished on budget, on time and that the end result is excellent
After the long drawn out process of securing a lease and several months of planning, I was eager to get the project started. Having received three reasonable bids for my project I did a little research and looked at a few of the other projects that Chriscan had had recently completed. I liked the quality that I saw, the clients were very satisfied throughout the process and Chriscan had a solid reputation in the Kelowna community.
Both Len Suchocki and Paul Gadicke met with me to discuss the project in detail. Really, I just wanted to get started as fast as possible. They made this happen, the day after they received the contract Paul was getting the building permits arranged. They started construction immediately after and finished ahead of schedule.
This is my first office and I really wanted everything to be perfect. I was not interested in the building process, really just the end result. I put my faith in Chriscan to resolve the many issues that inevitably arise during construction and they did. I was in another province for most of the construction and it was almost a turn-key operation with me showing up at the end of the project.
I would like to sincerely thank Paul, Len and all the construction employees and sub­ trades for all of their efforts in building my amazing new dental office. I would be happy to show you my office and discuss my experience with you personally.

Dr. Duncan Chambers

The Chriscan Team worked diligently to build our dental practice from the inception of the project to the completion. They were very professional and not only punctual with their deadlines but they also provided us with accurate information and helpful advice throughout the entire process. WIth my background as a project engineer, I was very impressed with the level of organization they implemented with their trades and procurement and most of all the wealth of knowledge they brought to the table about building a dental practice. I strongly recommend Chriscan to anyone thinking of building a dental practice.

Vijay Rai, P.Eng, MBA – Clinic Manager (Co-owner), Westside Dental Center

Building an orthodontic office is a challenging task; Chriscan did such an awesome job with our first office in Westbank in 2004 that we had them build our second office in Kelowna in 2007.
Paul the project manaer was exceptional; he was always available and ready to listen to us and make any changes that we required. He valued our input and was always prompt to coordinate the different trades people who worked on our offices. Chriscan contracted trades people who were clean, friendly and always professional to come and get the job done. We opened on time and on budge without any surprises.
This company is reliable, trustworthy and talented. We would recommend Chriscan for any commercial building projects.
We are very proud of our offices. You can view them at

Dr. Jeff Stewart, Kelowna Orthodontic Centre

Building a dental office can be a stressful endeavor made only more difficult when trying to complete the task from out of town. I was lucky enough to have Chriscan referred to me for the job. Paul worked with me to not only ensure that my vision of the office was brought to life, but that there were no hiccups or problems with functioning from Day 1. Since then, Paul has continually checked in with us to make sure that everything is still working well and any problems that we have had are quickly (and I mean quickly) fixed. I would highly recommend these guys with any construction/contracting that you may need.

Dr. Jesh Tse DDS BSc

The plan for our office was to make it a high quality, spa-like atmosphere that delivered the best in sterilization, technology, staff comfort and patient care. There were many details that needed to be in precise locations to accommodate in floor plumbing, wiring and electrical. Our design encompassed televisions in the ceiling, computers in every dental operatory, x-ray machines, plumbing and electrical throughout. The front desk and waiting area were to feel like a high-end spa and the staff room like a modern kitchen. Our expectations were very high.
The entire process went far more smoothly than expected. We are so pleased with the results. From the stunning finishing of the cabinetry, the glass work, and the flooring to the overall feel of quality. The high expectations we had were delivered by Chriscan and those he hired to work on this project. There was no need for us to interfere because Len has high standards and attention to detail. He wouldn’t allow anything less and we are so thankful for the beautiful job that was done. A weight was lifted from our shoulders the moment he was hired. He was attentive to the budget and committed to our completion date. We were able to focus our time and energy on our patients and our business while Len handled the construction. That type of service in invaluable and often hard to find.
We receive compliments daily from patients and colleagues who admire the beauty of our dental office. Not exactly what you expect to see in a dental office. It is a pleasure to work here and something we are very proud of.

Dr. Gary Powell, DMD {dentist) and Sharmaine Powell, RDH (registered dental hygienist)

We chose Chriscan to build our new dental office from the ground up. The project was intensive with respect to limitations to the existing physical workspace and very custom specifications set out by our designer. They did a spectacular job and we are very pleased! In fact, we were so impressed we chose Chriscan to do our recent office expansion as well! What impressed us most about working with Chriscan was how closely they worked with us to ensure we achieved the end result we had envisioned. Pricing was competitive, the project was completed in a timely manner and every detail, right down to the coat hooks were given careful and thoughtful attention. We would recommend their services to anyone who is seeking experienced, quality workmanship for their projects.

Dr. Trevor Morhaliek, Simply Amazing Smiles and Aesthetics

When patients visit our dental implant center, it’s important to us that they instantly feel at home. The Chriscan Construction team was just amazing. They showed meticulous planning, great collaboration with our designer, suppliers, and sub trades, and attention to detail at every phase of the project. Chriscan made our vision a reality.

Dr. Ho-Young Chung, Kamloops Dental & Implant Solutions

Building an orthodontic office is a challenging task; Chriscan did such an awesome job with our first office in Westbank in 2004 that we had them build our second office in Kelowna in 2007. Paul the project manaer was exceptional; he was always available and ready to listen to us and make any changes that we required. He valued our input and was always prompt to coordinate the different trades people who worked on our offices. Chriscan contracted trades people who were clean, friendly and always professional to come and get the job done. We opened on time and on budge without any surprises. This company is reliable, trustworthy and talented. We would recommend Chriscan for any commercial building projects. We are very proud of our offices. You can view them at

Dr. Jeff Stewart, Westside Orthodontic Centre

In 2014 Chriscan Construction built our Orthodontic office, in an empty space of a fairly new building. Our experience with Chriscan was excellent. We had very good communications with Paul and Lee; they took their time to explain if we had questions, they were quick and efficient to make changes or suggestions. The whole process was done a week ahead of schedule and right on budget. The office turned out fantastic and we are very happy with it.

Edsard and Caroline van Steenbergen, EVS Orthodontic Clinic

We worked with Chriscan Construction for the recent build of our oral and maxillofacial surgery practice, which was completed in 2020. Throughout all stages of the planning, construction, and follow up, the team at Chriscan absolutely surpassed our expectations.
We initially chose Chriscan as it is highly regarded as the “go to” construction company for dental office builds in the Okanagan Valley, and many of our colleagues shared their good reviews with us.
The quality and detail of their work was excellent. We often have patients that are designers or work in the construction industry comment on the quality and detail of the construction. ChrisCan’s attention to detail was immaculate. We plan to work in this office for at least 20 years, and they have set us up well to do so.
Throughout the process we felt completely confident that ChrisCan was working with our best interests in mind. Our two main points of contact, Lee and Jason, were always easy to contact and were always on the same page with what we envisioned. We completely trusted them to make decisions on our behalf and to be honest with us. We appreciated that they were able to have difficult conversations with the trades involved without us needing to get involved. Deficiencies were almost always noticed before we pointed them out.
In addition, our project included some unique challenges, particularly in regard to the extensive medical plumbing required. We were kept aware of broad details, but never felt the need to micromanage or push things along. In the end, when Chriscan could have told us that our plumbing needs weren’t possible, they found a way to make it happen for us. It was complicated to integrate our equipment as few facilities like ours exist in Canada, but Chriscan figured it out. Our surgical colleagues in other provinces have contacted us asking details about how we were able to build certain aspects of our office.
After opening our office, when we have had small issues arise, someone from Chriscan is often at our office within hours to sort it out. When we have had questions or changed our minds about aspects of the design, the Chriscan team is always professional, knowledgeable, and eager to help us out. When COVID-19 hit one month after we opened, Chriscan was there immediately to help us retrofit our space with an enhanced ventilation system.
ChrisCan was able to work with us to make our vision of creating an outpatient surgical centre a reality. In the midst of starting a new business while raising three young children, our experience with Chriscan was the least stressful part of the entire process. Our office is absolutely beautiful and allows us to provide a better quality of care to our patients.

Dr. Scott Martyna & Laura Martyna

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter describing my experience with Chriscan for the construction of my dental practice. When I embarked on planning a second dental practice, before I even had a location I knew that Chriscan was the company I wanted to work with. I had seen their work and was so impressed with what they provided my colleagues.
From the inception of this project to the completion, Chriscan has provided me with exceptional service. They were always available and responded in a very timely fashion. Every week I met with Lee Findlay our project manager and he explained what was happening what the next steps were and if there was any concerns or problems. Anytime there was alterations to the original plan then we discussed this and it was followed up by an email confirming the changes for which a change order had to be signed. This was a completely transparent process where I never felt there was going to be a hidden surprise bill or cost. This resulted in a piece of mind, knowing that my project and money was taken seriously.
At first when I was presented a timeline for Glenmore dental I was taken aback and wanted the project to progress faster. The timeline was very detailed and Paul and Lee walked me through the entire process. It helped me understand what was involved and what this project entailed. What was incredible for me was that they were extremely accurate in that timeline and completed within a week of that original timeline. Planning on opening a business being on schedule is very important and they definitely were accurate.
I think it is important to note that the project site was always clean, organized, and safe. I built a clinic during the pandemic and how Chriscan was able to adapt to changing protocols was admirable. I know first-hand how challenging this can be and they definitely showed great leadership managing many teams with these strict protocols.
The most important piece of this is how wonderfully executed the project was. They made sure everything was done impeccably. Down to details for millwork that was supposed to house a binder by our administration desk, which they noted was a mistake and replaced without me asking. They took that initial plan and made sure this was what was presented to me. At the final run through on deficiencies, it was them that pointed most of them out. They definitely take pride in their work and did their best.
I was very concerned that the building process would be stressful, and to my delight it was not. The staff and team at Chriscan were exceptional. I would highly recommend them and since our project have recommended them to other dentists looking to build a clinic.

Ersilia Coccaro, DMD, PhD

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for a job well done. At the conclusion of our experience, we are very pleased with the end result. We feel that the value we received in exchange for payment of your services met, if not exceeded, our expectations. If we ever decide to take on another construction project, will be the first (only?) call we make.

Jubilee Dental Centre


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Chriscan was honest, open and always gave us options when we came across something unexpected. The office team and on site manager showed professionalism through the build. They brainstormed with our designer on the fly to find amazing solutions all the while keeping budget top of mind. I would recommend Chriscan to my family, friends and clients

Dustin T Serviss

In 2017, Trinity Church retained Chriscan Construction to provide tenant improvement services for the interior of a new 22,500 square foot youth building we had constructed.
Chriscan worked in a professional manner to see that a superior product was delivered in a timely and efficient manner, and on budget. More specifically, Jim Kitchin (General Manager and Co-owner) worked closely_ with us to develop a design to meet our vision and use of the building. Chriscan’s construction of the work was marked by their attention to detail, and a shared interest in the final outcome. Jim was always available and provided great knowledge and expertise when we needed to make any changes.
In the end we received a high quality finished product that was well-suited to our needs, delivered on time and on budget. We would recommend them without reservation.

Andrew Gibbs, Secretary, Elder Board

Chriscan can be depended upon not only to care for your business, but to provide outstanding support at every step along the way. It has been such a pleasure to work with Lee and the process met and exceeded our expectations in every way. It is clear that it’s the people and their amazing customer service that contributes to Chriscan’s success as a business. We were so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Chriscan and would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Hannah MacLennan, Manager, Operations, Solstice Yoga

Chriscan worked in a professional manner to see that a superior product was delivered in a timely and efficient manner, and on budget. More specifically, Jim Kitchin (General Manager and Co-owner) worked closely with us to develop a design to meet our vision and use of the building. Chriscan’s construction of the work was marked by their attention to detail, and a shared interest in the final outcome. Jim was always available and provided great knowledge and expertise when we needed to make any changes.

Mark’s had the opportunity to hire Chriscan to undertake the renovation of a number of stores in the Okanagan for us, during the summer of 2013.
I would without hesitation recommend both the quality and execution of the work that Chriscan carried out for us. They were always timely with meeting deadlines and communicating the progress of the work.

Tom Ranieri, Associate Vice President, Store Design + Facilities Services, Mark’s

Paul Gadicke of Chriscan Construction is the general contractor who has aided me to create a design winning space at Prescription Health Studio Inc. in a fiscally responsible manner. Not only that, but his creative ideas backed by his expertise has allowed me to accomplish my dream of providing a beautifully integrative pharmacy for my clients beyond my expectations. How lovely it is to work with a man who not only is good at his business but finds a way to be kind and generous with his time. I will be hiring Paul for all future endeavours.

Esther Simmons Foot, RPh, Prescription Health Studio

I want to pass on how satisfied I am with your management and completion of the tenant improvements that were completed for our new office space.
Although the market at the time was very busy with build-out times stretching beyond original targets for the majority of other construction firms, you managed to complete our project on time within the prescribed budget.
You maintained constant communication while at the same time insured we were not overburdened looking after the details. You worked very well with our space planner and insured the improvements reflected not only our own public image but also that of the building developer. You mirrored our desire to create a space that reflected what a corporate head office should represent.
Your overall attention to detail was very impressive, with a crew that wanted to truly exhibit superior craftsmanship throughout.
I would not hesitate to recommend your expertise to any company or individual looking for a construction firm to complete their tenant improvements.

Elton Ash, Regional Executive Vice President, RE/MAX of Western Canada (1998), Inc.

I thought it important to write a short note of thanks for getting us through what to us was a massive undertaking.
Moving 100 people and renovating a heritage building to accommodate three radio stations and our regional office is no small feat. All of us are most grateful for your guidance and orchestration of this process. While our motto was “cheap and cheerful”, you were able to keep us very close to budget and do the right things to ensure we had a facility that was built properly and would stand up to the rigors of our operations.
From the brainstorming and design process all the way through each stage of demolition and construction, it was all a very smooth, collaborative effort. Having been through a number of commercial renovations in my career this was without a doubt one of the most pleasant and enjoyable projects that I have had the pleasure to work on. This is due primarily to your leadership and professionalism and that of your team who saw every aspect of this project through to completion.
The contractors and teams you put in place were exceptional. On several occasions we learned some valuable lessons from them about teamwork and pitching in wherever necessary to get the job done. It was a real joy for all of us to work with and around your team as they built a state of the art facility that we are all very proud of.

Don Shafer, Vice President & Regional Manager BC Interior Group

We just wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with the work you have completed at our shop. The recent renovations have made for a more efficient and pleasant use of our employees wash area and the new washroom, first aid room and shower are definitely what we needed.
It comes as no surprise to us that the work was done professionally and met our expectations. We learned to expect that when Chriscan did the large scale addition to our shop a few years ago.
In particular your foreman Jim Kitchen was prompt, well organized and concerned that every detail was completed to our liking, even when we had to make some changes midstream. His ability to get the work done with very little disruption to our busy shop environment was a huge benefit to us and he and the crew should be commended for that.
From our experience you have assembled a great team and that shows through in the end product. Thanks again,

Mearl’s Machine Works Ltd.

Over the past three years Chriscan Enterprises Limited has completed two successful projects for me. They rebuilt my home after the Okanagan Mountain Fire and constructed my company’s new office building. Both projects were completed within budget, on schedule and I am very satisfied with Chriscan’s job performance.
They paid attention to all the small details on both projects and I was especially impressed with their “customercomes first” attitude. As for the question “Would I use them again?”, the answer is YES.

Ken R. Hansen, A.Sc.T., Interior Instrument Tech Services Ltd.

When we set out to find a partner to manage the renovation of our lounge at the Hotel Eldorado, we chose Paul and the team at Chriscan because of their excellent reputation. We had a limited time frame and also realized that there were many unknowns. With numerous obstacles, I can say Paul and his team consistently showed flexibility, creativity, and a realistic, straight -forward approach. We could not have been happier with the end result and look forward to working with the Chriscan team again.

Thom Killingsworth, Regional Vice President and General Manager

We made a wise decision and hired Chriscan Construction for our office renovation. We were very confident in the talents of the Chriscan team from initial conceptual meetings through final occupancy. They met and exceeded our expectations on budget, timeline and quality all the while maintaining excellent communication with our partners. We were impressed with the professionalism of all members of their team and the care and respect our building and partners were given during the build. I hope I’m given the chance to recommend Chriscan Construction to a friend or associate as I know they’ll be very pleased.

Stuart McFadden PREC – BBA | RE/MAX Kelowna

Without a doubt the most enjoyable experience with a builder we have ever had. We recommend them highly. Every step in our project from initial quote to final walkthrough was stress-free thanks to Chriscan. When there was something to be done or dealt with, it was handled professionally and quickly. Invoices were straightforward and accurate every time. We now have a beautiful, functional office that we receive compliments on almost daily. Best of all, there are zero lingering issues or deficiencies. We feel lucky to have had Chriscan renovate our office.

Monica Brooke, Hillside Law Inc.

Over the past few years, CEI Architecture has been the prime consultant on several tenant improvement projects where Chriscan Enterprises Ltd. acted as Construction Manager. They have been consistently fair, cooperative, and pro-active in their approach to issues which arise during the course of contruction. They have demonstrated flexibility and sensitivity as required to meet the scheduling demands inherent in complex renovation projects where the existing building remains in service during construction. The company makes every effort to complete their projects to the owner’s satisfactiom.
Chriscan Enterprises Ltd. has developed a positive working relationship with our office and we have no hestation in recommending them for future projects.

Tim McLennan, Partner, Director of Kelowna Operations, CEI Architecture

I wanted to take the opportunity on behalf our company, including the entire Executive Team, to thank you for the exceptional work done you your team on our new Broadcast facility, 103.9FM The JUICE in Kelowna. As the newest broadcast licence in our Vista Radio family, getting Kelowna done right and on time was a priority, and your team pulled it off. In fact, we have completed a half dozen new broadcast facilities in our various markets over the past 3 years and this was the FIRST that was virtually hassle free. The commitment, passion and thorough communication on your part and those on your team was a level of service we had not experienced until the Kelowna project. We all know the old saying, ‘do it on time and on budget’, but in addition to all of that, we also enjoyed the experience of working with so many genuinely nice folks at Enterprises Ltd. Len, when the time comes to do another Vista Radio project, we’ll be calling you!! Please pass personal thanks to all of your team members and trades who worked on the “JUICE” studio’s.

Paul Mann, Executive Vice President, Vista Radio Ltd.

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