From the Experts | Interview with Falcon’s Loft Design Firm, inArtifex Design

Falcon’s Loft is a stunning lake view home currently for sale at Lakestone in Lake Country, BC.  This modern home was designed for Chriscan by the team at inArtifex Design Ltd. We spoke with Saba Khajavi of inArtifex about the inspiration behind Falcon’s Loft.

 Chriscan: Tell us a little bit about the design process for this project.

Saba Khajavi: The design process is quite simple. We sit down with our clients and discuss their needs, wants, and budget. We consider all aspects including the lot, the other surrounding homes, and we try to understand what their vision is. From there, we work on floor plans keeping in mind the style and look of the home that is trying to be achieved. For this project in particular we designed for empty nesters looking to entertain and capture a modern, yet warm and welcoming sustainable home. With this in mind, we believe the end result touches on all these bases.

CC: Who do you envision living in/purchasing this home?

SK: We envision empty nesters of any age that enjoy entertaining and have time to utilize all the amenities that this home and the Lakestone development have to offer. The home caters to those that enjoy modern design and value sustainability.

CC: What specific design features are you most proud of on this project?

SK: We are most proud of the different material uses, color scheme and how they compliment each other portraying a unique and very appealing modern exterior. We are also proud of the floor plans; they are practical and appeal to the modern entertainer.

 CC: Why does this home design work well for the Lakestone Development?

SK: This home works well for the Lakestone Development because it touches on all bases of the design guidelines and makes full potential of its specific lot.  This home invites its future owner to enjoy the view and living lakeside to it’s fullest.

More about Falcon’s Loft 

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