From the Experts: Five Tips for Building Your Dream Dental Office

Whether you are starting your first dental practice, or moving your established clinic into a bigger space, a dental building project can seem overwhelming.

Our expert project managers at Chriscan have compiled a list of five tips to help you realistically manage your upcoming dental office build.

1. Know your budget.

Knowing your budget is more than just planning a dollar figure to spend.  Knowing your budget means establishing whether or not your planned dollar figure is realistic.  The best way to establish a realistic budget is to speak with a professional with experience building and managing projects of a similar scale.  Dental offices have many unique requirements that will need special attention in your budgeting phase.   Having an experienced professional quote your project will help you to feel comfortable with your financial plan and will help you avoid unexpected expenses down the road.

  2. Think about coordination.

There are many moving parts within a dental building project that will necessitate detailed planning and coordination.  Strong project management will create a smooth project from start to finish helping you to avoid surprises.   Unlike most other construction projects, sub-trades are often required to work in conjunction to keep things moving smoothly and efficiently.  Strong project management will keep your project on time and on budget.

 3.    Develop a realistic timeline.

It is important that you work through the dental building process in the proper order and speed.  It all begins with the search for a location for your new clinic.  Try to make sure that the design, tendering, permit, and construction time will not exceed your allotted fixturing period.  This must be considered before you sign a lease.  Solid organization will go far in keeping your project on time.

 4. Consider if you plan to operate or close down during construction.

If you are expanding an existing office it may be realistic to continue operating throughout the construction phase.  Understand the elements of this decision and the impact construction will have on your workflow.  Get an expert involved to guide your expectations and to help you establish if the decision to stay open is right for your practice.

5. Plan employee engagement.

Speak with your employees about their wants and needs in your new clinic space.  This will help maximize the efficiency of your new space and can make for a great team building exercise.  Ensure your staff has a realistic understanding of how the upcoming project will affect their day to day.

Chriscan would be pleased to assist you with your next dental building project.  Check out our dental portfolio, and contact us today!

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